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Insurance Coverage Claims And Analysis

While most of our work at Reinhardt & Associates, PLC, focuses on defending insurance companies and their insureds in litigation, our law firm also provides independent analysis of coverage claims on behalf of insurance companies for both personal and commercial lines of insurance.

From our law firm in Lexington, we can provide an effective, neutral analysis of insurance policies to determine what each party’s rights are when a claim is made. When necessary, our firm can assist you in filing a civil action in state or federal court for a declaration of rights under the policy.

There are few law firms in Kentucky that match our firm’s level of experience and knowledge in working with the insurance industry. We can assist with all types of insurance claims, including:

  • Homeowners insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Auto insurance

Protecting Insurance Companies’ Interests

One of the reasons why many large insurance companies and self-insured businesses turn to our lawyers for policy reviews is because of our experience. Our attorneys bring together more than 80 years in litigation defense work. We understand how the insurance industry works.

With laser-like attention to detail, we can carefully and diligently analyze a complex insurance policy to determine if there are any exclusions or if the policyholder’s claims have merit. By letting our clients know the strengths and weaknesses of a claim, we can save them money in the long run by helping them make the right choices about how to handle a claim dispute.

To learn more about the work we can do analyzing coverage claims, contact Reinhardt & Associates, PLC, today at 859-277-7100 to schedule a free consultation.