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Insurance payouts can be great for the victim of an accident or injury. But, when recovery amounts are significant, awards can hurt the insurance company’s bottom line. An experienced subrogation attorney can be a big help to insurers who seek compensation for their payouts.

At Reinhardt & Associates, PLC, we provide thorough insurance defense and subrogation representation for insurers across the state of Kentucky. Our Lexington lawyers understand the investigative commitment required to pursue compensation on behalf of your company. At-fault parties should pay, and we have the resources and experience necessary to go to bat for you.  

A Strong Approach Built From Past Success

We collect payments via third- and first-party claims. Our lawyers have experience pursuing payment for our clients in the following areas and beyond:

Subrogation may be successful simply by negotiation. But if necessary, we are prepared to represent your company in litigation to see that you receive what is due to you. All accidents and related cases are unique, and they can make for a complicated claims pursuit. Because of our dedication to represent insurance companies in a wide range of matters, we are fully prepared for issues, which may arise during subrogation.

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We can help you minimize losses from insurance claims at an affordable rate. For more information, on our subrogation services or to schedule a free consultation with one of our skilled attorneys, call us at 859-277-7100 or use our contact form.